This is a great, shiny, versatile mold for use with polymer clay, resin, soap, and many other materials. It will withstand temperatures of up to 450°F.

Michigan Earring Shape Silicone Mold

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  • This is a flexible craft mold made from silicone that can withstand temperatures from -65° F to 450° F. Multiple castings can be made from this same mold. The mold can be used for pouring practically anything into it. This mold is NOT certified food-safe. Mold life depends on the material you are molding and how delicately you handle your mold. These pieces may not be copied and remolded. ~ Free gift(s) for purchases $10 and over :) ~ Check out my instagram- @emssysboutique *Please keep away from small children as this could present a choking hazard.