This is a great, versatile mold for use with polymer clay and many other materials. It will withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees giving you the opportunity to bake food or clay in your molds below this temperature.

Assorted Bows Mold

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  • This is a flexible craft mold made from food-safe silicone that can withstand temperatures from -40° F to 400° F. Multiple castings can be made from this same mold. The mold can be used for pouring practically anything into it. If you are going to use the mold for food products for consumption, do not use the mold for any other purpose to prevent contamination and make sure the wash the mold with soap and water before using it for food applications. Mold life depends on the material you are molding and how delicately you handle your mold. Please contact me with any questions! ~ Free gift(s) for purchases $10 and over :) ~ Check out my instagram- @emssysboutique *Please keep away from small children as this could present a choking hazard.